Young & Inspired: Ensuring every child enjoys magical moments

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Helping children grow to their full potential

Parents can be the best experts, and ultimately know exactly what their children need so that they can thrive. Thriving families are strong families that can manoeuvre challenges effectively. Yet sometimes in life families are faced with challenges they can struggle to overcome such as poverty, a housing or mental health crisis. These challenges can make accessing the appropriate support difficult and lead to feelings of inadequacy, shame and guilt.


Do you or someone you know need out services?

Young and Inspired is a grassroots organisation dedicated to empowering young families facing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and struggling with poor mental health. We break the intergenerational cycle of poverty, relationship breakdowns, and mental health crises. We create safe spaces, address food insecurity, foster connections, support financial well-being, and enhance employability and a stronger family unit.

Since 2012, Young and Inspired listen to families and offer a programme of services such as the groundbreaking Sunshine Breakfast Club, Move It Mum Fitness, Flying Colours Art Depot for teens, Treehouse Teens after school club, play scheme and many more.