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Making Moments 


Gella performed below average in all her morning classes. Her behavior was disruptive, she was constantly fidgeting and it appeared as if she was a candidate for ADHD evaluation. However her afternoon teachers objected. There was a lot of miscommunication. Afternoon teachers related that Gella scored consistent good grades. She was attentive and compliant. In the end, she was assessed. The report was unbelievable. Gella is an intelligent, attentive child who is hungry. Following a nutritious school lunch, she is relaxed, focused and able to learn. She was referred to our breakfast club and her family situation is under investigation. Improvement was not gradual. It was immediate.

Like a math formula.

Eat well=Attentiveness=good behavior=performance.

As simple as that.

DMC was a great way to allow adolescents to discover their inner feelings, take risks and make social contact with one another in quirky and adventurous ways.  It was exhilarating to see the boys wholly participate in the workshop while also fostering team building skills and communication skills when working in small groups.   Melanie G, Social worker

Susie enjoyed working with stories and choosing characters to enact. She was able to explore the characters, imbuing them with additional characteristics and feelings, and creating back-stories and suggestions about their lives. In this way she was able to explore safely her own feelings and vulnerabilities, with the distance of projection via the characters. Susie presented as resilient yet vulnerable, and worked with these two traits through stories and art. She was able to address her feelings of insecurity and anxiety in relation to her peers. 

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