Making Moments 




One teacher shared her lunch with a hungry pupil, the next day she found herself bringing 2 sandwiches, but was still sharing hers with another student. Too many children were coming to school to hungry to learn. Soon she was laying a small breakfast bar in her classroom each morning, recognizing how a nutritious breakfast fortifies her students with energy to focus.

Another teacher was concerned about child’s negligence with her homework. After speaking o her parent she understood that they were overwhelmed with caring for a special needs sibling. They trusted the child to do homework independently. The child was bright but was too distracted and stressed to focus.   With the parent’s consent, the teacher arranged a small homework group where peers and volunteers would work together.                            


From 2 lucky students, the number of children benefiting from simple kindness grew. Teachers were joined by community activist and social worker and support over 400 children today.

And while it’s not the beginning, it’s nowhere near the end of these magical moments.

Amidst the rush of coffee and photo-copies, in a vibrant school staff room; young and inspired was born.  2 caring young teachers realized that some extras, yet basics, that they were giving their students were needed by so many children. BASICS were giving them brilliance.

Young & Inspired was set up in 2012 by two caring adults;  young, and inspired to make a difference.