Who We Support

We don’t just offer a menu of services; we provide a holistic, client-centric experience. Our wrap-around support model pairs you with dedicated family advocates. These services have been designed and shaped by the children and families we serve. It is not set in stone it grows along with our youth.

Our activities

Explore our multifaceted approach to youth empowerment through a range of unique projects designed to provide comprehensive wrap-around support and foster a thriving community of young individuals

Young people (11-16)

Here is where Blah becomes brilliant. Dare yourself to try something new. Join a movement of teenagers who don`t mind who your parents are, what your family bank account looks like, or the size, shape and style of your body. Find accepting friends who care and have real fun whenever we meet. Become a part of a youth community that values acceptance, mutual support, and challenges you to venture into new skills and opportunities.

Children (5-11)

Ever fantasized about a magical palace, where you have endless space to run and play, a treasure trove of books and toys beyond imagination, and delicious, mouthwatering food? Young and Inspired. Join us and step into a world where fantasy comes to life. Immerse yourself in the joy of boundless play, the wonder of countless stories, and the delight of scrumptious meals. Let the magic unfold, and let’s create enchanting memories together. Come, be a part of the fun at Young and Inspired.

Young parents

Becoming a new parent is an exhilarating journey. The overwhelming rush of love and the sense of responsibility are both heartwarming and empowering. However, this incredible journey doesn’t come with a ‘Driver’s Ed’ manual for mommyhood, nor do those precious wriggling mini people arrive with an instruction manual. For young mothers who have recently graduated from school or are still in the midst of college, the challenges can indeed be daunting. The costs of baby paraphernalia, food, and other essentials, especially when money is tight, can feel like an additional burden.

At Young and Inspired, we understand these challenges intimately because we’ve been there too. We know the struggles, the joys, and the impossible situations that can arise. That’s why we are here to offer our support. We connect young parents and children up to the age of 5 who are navigating similar paths, providing a network of understanding and empathy. Sharing experiences and learning from one another can make this journey more manageable and rewarding. Moreover, we offer a wealth of resources to assist with vital needs such as food, ensuring that you and your little one have the nourishment you need.

Our projects

Conquer the kitchen

This programme aims to empower teenage and young parents with vital cooking, nutrition and budgeting skills and connects isolated young mothers various backgrounds through food In response to Covid 19 we launched Food bytes, a virtual community forum supporting young mothers with home cooking and Community Cabinet Kitchen tool lending library. We stock kitchen essential tools such as blenders, peelers, pots, slow cookers and fun gadgets too, like juicers, pastry making tools, etc. Each appliance can be borrowed for 5 days, after which users must return it washed and cleaned. We then sterilize equipment. Community Cabinets lowers the barrier for consumers who want to eat healthier and cook at home more often by giving them low-cost access to otherwise expensive equipment and offers a solution to people living in crowded accommodation with no space to store equipment. It also prevents waste of purchasing a tool, using it once and abandoning it.


An innovative approach to fighting food insecurity among impoverished families. We rescue surplus food that would otherwise have been discarded by restaurants and deliver it, warm, to families in need—free of charge. Furthermore, we strive to reduce food waste. We aim to combat hunger in a sustainable manner while taking care of the environment through our eco-friendly practices. By offering easy access to quality meals, we are committed to ensuring that women can benefit from good health and nutrition, regardless of their income levels.

Savvy and Successful

Creates pathways to employment for  NEET young women between ages 18-24, including mentoring, career advising, job readiness workshops, and liaising with employers to arrange jobs and mediate issues in the workforce. It holistically tackles poverty by enabling young people to obtain employment, manage money, and become financially literate. Work Mentors focus on the needs of each beneficiary and meet them where they are, then help them get where they need to be.

We provide access to accessible progression routes to employment and follow-up support even after our users are employed as the barriers and challenges young people experience do not magically disappear once they receive their first pay slip.

Flying Colours Art Depot

Creates a safe space where art becomes an integral part of young people’s life, particularly for those facing multi-barriers. We believe all youth are curious, imaginative, creative, innovative. We used mixed modality Art as a  tool to help troubled teens emerge from feeling stuck and confined to experiencing a landscape of opportunities and successes with an element of art therapy.

Move It!

Mum and Toddlers is a holistic program dedicated to nurturing the physical and mental well-being of low-income young mothers and their toddlers. Through a blend of Pilates, yoga, and various exercises, we provide a supportive environment for mothers to regain their strength, flexibility, and confidence. Our innovative project fosters bonding between mothers and toddlers, fostering healthy habits from an early age.

Water Warriors

Water Warriors is a program that engages 45 children with low self-esteem in weekly swimming and kayaking sessions. These sessions are designed to help boost their confidence, enhance their physical fitness, and provide a supportive and encouraging environment for personal growth.

The program focuses on water-based activities like swimming and kayaking because these activities offer numerous benefits for children with low self-esteem. Water activities can be enjoyable and challenging, allowing children to conquer fears, set and achieve goals, and improve their overall self-confidence. Additionally, being in a group setting fosters social interaction and helps participants build a sense of community and belonging.

The weekly sessions are carefully planned to cater to the individual needs and abilities of each child. Trained instructors provide guidance and encouragement, ensuring that the children feel supported and motivated throughout the sessions. Over time, participants develop new skills, gain confidence in their abilities, and form positive relationships with their peers and instructors.

Through this program, Water Warriors aims to empower children with low self-esteem, helping them overcome challenges and develop a more positive self-image. The ultimate goal is to instill a sense of self-confidence, resilience, and a love for physical activity that will benefit the children long after they complete the program.We have more , but these are the main