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Moments...... Opportunities..... Skills.....


Moments...... Opportunities..... Skills.....

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Back on our Feat

We are thrilled to announce that we were awarded funding from the National Lottery Fund towards our project 'Back on our Feat'!

Through this project we will

  • Expand our Breakfast Club to three more locations so that we can safely accommodate more children in smaller 'bubble groups'.  

  • Mental Health Support - children will be paired with qualified and supervised Mentors who can support and offer a listening ear to children worries and concerns.

  • We will reopen our after-school homework club, here children can receive specialized support by our team of volunteer tutors who will help them practice skills, catch up missed learning and complete their homework.

If you would like to register for any of our projects please just drop us a line or call 02034752134

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Covid 19 Support Services

The Corona Emergency Relief Campaign is bringing them all assistance through:

  • Meals and essentials aid, special dietary meals for 16 diabetic/allergic children

  • Phone tutoring and mentoring to support with home schooling and support families in distress on emotional level. Phone tutoring will ensure that young people who are not able to learn independently do not fall behind academically. It is imperative for young people's academic progress not to stagnate to ensure that poverty cycle is not encouraged and young people have best chances to succeed.Distribution of toys, arts n crafts to provide constructive entertainment for children living in small cramped flats.

  • Job-Networking project to help people shift their jobs so that they can work from home and supporting interested procure new home based jobs through connecting with employers.

  • Case management for families with multiple needs to support them through our services and connecting them to others

Please call us for hear more details.